"Ms. Nguyen is a great teacher!"  "She makes our classroom fun and recess is the best!" "Miss Nguyen has a nice singing voice and I like her stories." These are words from Kindergarten students when asked about what they like about Kindergarten. Our students are very blessed to have a dedicated teacher who pours creativity into her classroom. Kindergarten really starts off the school experience right! Each year you will see this class doing a lot of fun things. Just a few are highlighted below.

Arctic Night - A short program followed by a black and white dinner for the whole family to enjoy. Come dressed in black and white and learn everything you wanted to know about the Arctic Region and enjoy a great program.

Beach Day - In the middle of January it is summer weather in the kindergarten classroom. The classroom is now the beach. Blue water, a ton of sand, marine life, and bathing suits. The day starts off with crafts and projects related to the marine unit students have been studying. Then into bathing suits for a great time of swimming and playing in the sand. Dry off, change clothes and then enjoy the food that moms have prepared with a beach theme. Enjoy whale shaped sandwiches, octopus hot dogs, sand pudding, and so much more. This is a great day, full of excitement for all the senses. You won't want to miss this.

Body Night - Come and enjoy an evening of learning about your body. Students will tell you how every organ of the body functions and many amazing body facts. This culmination of the body unit will impress the moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who never knew their special kindergartner knew so much about their bodies and how they function.

King Tsin Restaurant - Theresa and Willy wear the traditional Chinese clothing and demonstrate how to cook fried rice, chowmein and potstickers. Willy does a fantastic demonstration on making chinese noodles. He even jumps rope with them. Fun, exciting and delicious too!

Study Buddies - Our study buddies are 6th graders. We have a great time all year long. Sometimes we read together and sometimes we practice our letters. Maybe we will do a little PE together or make a craft. Our special time comes to an end with our study buddy picnic. Our study buddies are very special to us and we get wave at the big kids from the playground too.

Choir - By the time the Christmas program comes around we will already be learning how to read music. We will have a great appreciation for music and will have learned many songs. Our music teacher, Mrs. Trenchuck loves to teach us how to enjoy music and prepares us for the Christmas program. Ms. Nguyen also teaches us many wonderful songs about Jesus that we sing through out our day.

You are welcome to join us as we learn about bugs, sea creatures, our own bodies and the world around us. Programs can be found in the school calendar and begin in the school library at 6:30.