Welcome to LSDAE 6th Grade Homeroom!

The sixth grade classroom will always be a welcoming place, where it is understood
that all students have different interests, abilities, and ways of learning.
We're ready to go.
Have a great year!

August 14-18

Morning Jumpstarts:
(Word of the Day, Sentence Mender, Cursive Quote, Analogy of the Day) + Parts of Speech (Diagramming Sentences)

Art This Week: TBA

Spelling Word List -- 

1. barrage

2. disparagingly

3. dilapidated

4. annex

5. integral

6. decade

7. eras

8. artifacts

9. founding

10. precisely

11. Archaeology

12. Paleontology

13. fossils

14. Anthropology

15. species

16. century

17. millenium

18. Messiah

19. government

20. counselor


Bible: Lesson 1 "The Promise" Text pages 4-9

Memory Verse This Week: Isaiah 9:6

"A child is born to us, a son is given to us. And the government will rest on his shoulders. These will be his Royal Titles: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." 

Monday: New Readings and Discussions
Tuesday: Royal Names
Wednesday: Centuries Later Part 1
Thursday: Centuries Later Part 2
Friday: Say Memory Verse

Math: Expressions and Number Properties

Monday: Fair Game Review, Fact Practice A, Begin Lesson 1.1 Activity (Evaluating Algebraic Expressions)
Tuesday: Continue 1.1 Activity, Facts Practice A
Wednesday: 1.1 Day 1, Facts Practice B
Thursday: 1.1 Day 2, Facts Practice A
Friday: 1.1 Practice, Begin 1.2 Activity (Writing Expressions)

Social Studies: Chapter 1 What Does a Historian Do?
Monday: What is History? Discussions and Google Slides Part 1

Tuesday: Why is History Important? Google Slides Part 2
Wednesday: SSR Orientation
Thursday: Gazofi Orientation (Begin Gazofi Project 1.1)
Friday: Gazofi Project 1.1