Assignments - 4th Grade

October 16 - 20
Monday: Lesson 2.8--using mental math
Tuesday: Lesson 2.9--multi-step word problems
Wednesday: Lesson 2-10--multiplication with regrouping
Thursday: Lesson 2.11--multiplication with 3 digits and regrouping
Friday: Lesson 2.12--word problems using equations
Language Arts
There will be no new vocabulary this week.
Monday: Finish reading The Cabin Faced West and complete activities; Spelling pre-test 10; English pg. 70, 71--singular and plural nouns; Handwriting Lesson 9--day1
Tuesday: Finish Unit; English pg. 73, 74--Nound ending in y; Handwriting day 2
Wednesday: Finish unit; Spelling Dictation and Practice; English pg.74, 75; Handwriting --day 3
Thursday: Finish unit; English pg. 76, 77--possesive nouns; Handwriting--day 4
Friday: Finish unit; Spelling test; Accelerated reader
This week we will be finishing our unit on chondrythyes. We will be completing our shark research
Social Studies
Monday: CA Weekly #5
Wednesday: Finish CA Weekly
Monday: Class Meeting
Tuesday: Lesson 9--read and discuss
Wednesday: Packet for Lesson 9
Thursday: Lesson 10--read and discuss
Friday: Finish packet; Memory Verse Test
October 9-13
Monday: Lesson 2.5--use the distributative property
Tuesday: Lesson 2.6--use expanded form
Wednesday: Lesson 2.7--use partial products
Thursday: Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Friday: Lesson 2.8--use mental math
Language Arts
Monday: Finish Chapter 5 and 6 quiz, Vocabulary cards for Chapter 7,8; Spelling pre-test 8; Handwriting Lesson 8--day 1
Tuesday: Read Chapter 7--quiz; English pg. 66, 67--common and proper nouns; Handwriting day 2
Wednesday: Chapter 8--quiz; English pg. 70, 71--Singular and plural nouns; Spelling dictation and practice; Handwritng day 3
Thursday: Finish unit on The Cabin Faced West; English pg. 72, 73--nouns ending with y; Handwriting day 4
Friday: Vocab. Test, Spelling Test; Finish Literature unit
Monday: Lesson 7--Love; go through the 1 Corinthians 13 as a class
Tuesday: Bible packet for lesson 7
Wednesday: Lesson 8--joy--read and discuss--finish packet
Thursday: Bible packet for lesson 8
Friday: Memory Verse test; finish packet
Social Studies
This week we will finish our California Geography Packet then will begin work on a map of California
This week we will complete or research on sharks and begin making a chart showing the range in sizes and design of sharks.

Oct. 2-6
Monday: Lesson 2.3; multiplying tens, hundreds, thousands
Tuesday: Lesson 2.4; estimating products
Wednesday: Lesson 2.5; use distributative property
Thursday: Lesson 2.6; multiply using expanded form
Friday: math practice IXL
Language Arts
Monday: Finish chapter 4 and quiz, vocabulary cards for chapter 5 and 6; Spelling pretest 7; English unit 1 test; Handwriting Lesson 7--day1
Tuesday: Vocabulary sentences; Spelling practice; Correct English tests; Handwriting Lesson 7--day 2
Wednesday: Read chapter 5 and do quiz; Spelling dictation and practice; English pg. 64, 65--nouns; Handwriting day 3
Thursday: Read chapter 6 and do quiz; Spelling practice test with partners; English pg. 66, 67--common and proper nouns; HW--day4
This week we will begin our study of chndrithyes (sharks).
Monday: What are chondrithyes?
Tuesday: Begin shark charts--research
Wednesday: Shark Charts
Thursday: Shark charts
Friday: Finish sharks
Social Studies
Monday: California Geography--Lesson 1
Tuesday: California Geograpy --Finish Lesson 1
Wednesday: California Geograpy--Lesson 2
Thursday: Finish Lesson 2
This week is week of prayer so we will not be having any new assignments in Bible this week.
Sept. 25-29
Monday: Multiplication tables
Tuesday: Lesson 2.1; Multiplication comparisons; Practice multiplication tables
Wednesday: Lesson 2.2; comparison problems; multiplication practice
Thursday: Lesson 2.3--multiply tens, hundreds, thousands; multiplication practice
Friday: lesson2.4--estimating; multiplication practtice
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary Cards: Spelling Review Lesson 6 Pre-test
Tuesday: Vocabulary Sentences; Begin Reading Chapter 3; English pg. 44, 45-- Simple predicates; Handwriting Lesson 6, day 1
Wednesday: Read Chapters 3 and 4 and do quizzes; Spelling partner practice; English pg. 46, 47--Correcting Run on sentences; HW--day 2
Thursday: Finish work for chapters 3 and 4; English Unit 1 Test; Handwritng Day 3, 4
Friday: Finish Chapters 3 and 4; Correct English Test; Finish Handwritng Lesson 6; Vocabulary and Spelling Tests
This week we will be learning about Cnidaria
Tuesday: What makes an animal a Cnidarian; coral
Wednesday: Anemonies
Thursday: Jellyfish
Social Studies
Monday: Finish CA Weekly #4
Wednesday: Begin CA Weekly #5
Thursday: CA Weekly
Sept. 18 - 23
Monday: Problem solving Lesson1.8/ Practice worksheet on subtraction
Tuesday: Chaptet 1 review and practice test
Wednesday: Chapter 1 test
Thursday: Correct test/ Begin multiplication lesson 2.1
Friday: Make multiplication charts; IXL math
Language Arts
We are beginning work on a new literature book; The Cabin Faced West
Monday: Vocabulary for chapters 1 and  2 and complete sentences; Spelling lesson 5 pretest; Handwriting lesson 5, day 1; English pg. 42, 43 # 11-18--Simple subjects.
Tuesday; Correct sentences, read chapter 1 as a class and complete questions; Spelling Practice worksheet; Handwriting day 2; English pg. 44, 45 # 1-18--Simple Predicates
Wednesday: Read Chapter 2 in groups, complete quiz; Spelling dictation; Handwriting day 3; English pg. 46, 47--correcting run on sentences
Thursday: Comprehension activity; Spelling partner practice; Handwriting day 4; English test pg. 51, 52
Friday; Finish work for chapters 1 and 2; Vocab. test; Spelling test; Correct English test
Social Studies
Monday: Begin reading CA Weekly #4
Wednesday: Work on CA Weekly
Friday: Finish California Weekly
This week we will be learning abou the group of animals known as "Echinoderms" Make sure you ask your child what these animals are like
Monday: Begin Lab--What are Echinoderms? Draw or find pictures of each type of echinoderm
Tuesday: Finish lab
Wednesday: Stars that change their shape
Thursday: Finish Echinoderms
Monday: Lesson 5--letters in the bible
Tuesday: work on Bible packet for lesson 5
Wednesday: Lesson65--learn the fruit of the spirit, discuss what they mean
Thursday: Activity packet for lesson 6
Friday: Memory verse test

Sept. 11-15
Because of ITBS testing, our schedule will be flexible this week. There will be no tests on Friday.
Monday: Subtraction practice 2-8
Tuesday: Problem solving lesson 1.8
Wednesday: Chapter 1 review
Thursday: Chapter Checkpoint for chapter 1
Friday: IXL math
Language Arts
We will be finishing our first reading unit this week. There will be no new spelling or handwriting this week.
Social Studies
Finish California Weekly #3
Finish the unit on mollusks
Monday: Work on packet #3 as a class
Tuesday: Read and discuss Lesson #4--building a house on the "Rock"
Wednesday: Bible packet to go with Lesson 4
Thursday: Finish Bible packet
Friday: Chapel
Sept. 5-8
Tuesday: Estimating Addition
Wednesday: Estimating Subtraction
Thursday: Subtraction Practice 2-6, 2-7
Friday: Subtraction Practice 2-8
Language Arts
Tuesday: Vocabulary and Sentences; Spelling Pre-test 4; English page 40, 41--subjets and predicates; Handwriting Lesson 4--day 1 and 2
Wednesday: Read Where the Waves Break pg. 30-44; Spelling Dictation and practice; English pg. 42, 43--simple subjects; Handwriting Day 3
Thursday: Finish Unit for Where the Waves Break; English pg.44, 45--simple predicates; Handwriting day 4
Friday: Finish Unit; Vocabulary Test; Spelling Test
This week we will be finishing up our study of mollusks by learning about Cephalopods. Make sure you ask your child about these amazing creatures.
Social Studies
Tuesday: Finish CA Weekly #2
Wednesday: Begin CA Weekly #3--read as class
Thursday: Finish CA Weekly #3
Tuesday: Class meeting, Finish Packet for lesson3
Wednesday: Lesson 4-read and discuss
Thursday: Lesson 4 packet
Friday: Finish packet; Memory verse test 

August 28-Sept.1
Monday: Lesson 1-5--renamong numbers/addition practice
Tuesday: Lesson 1.6--addition/rounding practice
Wednesday: Lesson 1.7--subtraction
Thursday: Lesson 1.8--problem solving
Friday: Review Lessons 1-8\
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for pages 14 - 29 in Where the Waves Break: Spelling pretest 3: English pg.  38- 39--statements and questions; Handwriting Lesson 3, day 1
Tuesday: Vocabulary Sentences; English pg.38, 39--Commands and Exclamations; Handwriting Day 2
Wednesday: Read pages 14-29--do quiz; Spelling Dictation; English pg. 40, 41--subjects and preicaates; Handwriting day 3
Thursday: Coastline Creatues and Plural Word Search; English pg. 42, 42--subjects; Handwriting Day4
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling Tests; Finish Handwriting
Monday: Gastropods and Pelecypods--compare and contrast
Tuesday: Snail Lab
Wednesday: Cephalopods--squid and octopi
Thursday: Finish squid and Octopi
Social Studies
Monday: Finish California Weekly: California Geography Packet
Wednesday: California Weekly #2--read and highlight as class
Thursday: Finish CA Weekly#2
Friday: Finish CA Weekly
Monday: Class meeting
Tuesday: Lesson 3--read and discuss
Wednesday: Activity packet
Thursday: Finish activity packet
Friday: Memory Verse Test

August 21-25


Monday: Lesson 1.3--compare and order numbers
Tuesday: Lesson 1.4--Rounding numbers
Wednesday; Practice 1.4--More rounding
Thursday: Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Friday: Lesson 1.5--renaming numbers--do as class
Language Arts
Monday: Reading Vocabulary--make cards for this week's vocabulary; Spelling Pre-test 2; Handwriting Lesson2--day 1; English pg. 32, 33--what is a sentence?
Tuesday: Reading vocabulary sentences; Handwriting Lesson 2--day 2; English pg. 36, 37--Statements and Questions.
Wednesday: Reading Where the Waves Break pg. 5-13; Spelling Dictation and practice; Handwriting Lesson 2--day 3; English pg. 38, 39-Commands and exclamations.
Thursday: Reading--finish pages 5- 13 and answer questions; Handwritng Lesson 2--day 4; English pg. 40, 41--subjects and predicates
Friday: Vocabulary Test; Spelling Test; Finish the week's work
Monday: Begin the study of Mollusks--What are they?
Tuesday: Pelecypods--What are pelecypods--oysters.
Wednesday: Finish pelecypod lab
Thursday: Finish all pelecypod unit
Social Studies
Monday: Begin work on first California Weekly--read and highlight
Wednesday: Finish California Weekly
Monday; Class meeting and chapel
Tuesday: Read and Discuss Lesson 2--How the Bible teaches history
Wednesday: Activities 6 -10
Thursday: Finish Lesson 2
Friday: AJY Worship; Memory Verse Test

August 14-18

Monday: Addition and Subtraction Around the World
Tuesday: Place Value Pre-test; Lesson 1.1--use blocks to show place value relationships
Wednesday: Lesson 1.2--reading and writing numbers--teach tha secret of the comma
Thursday; Lesson 1.3--compare and order numbers
Friday: Lesson 1.4--rounding numbers
Language Arts
Monday: Reading; Teach how to make vocabulary cards and how to use them. English; Begin work on first story by filling out "Getting to Know Me".
Spelling; Pre-test for Lesson 1. Handwriting; alphabet and numbers.
Tuesday; Reading; Do vocabulary sentences as a class. English; Write rough draft of story. Sppelling; Practice worksheet for lesson 1. Handwriting; problem letters.
Wednesday; Reading; read "Claws" as a class, complete questions. Spelling; Dictation. English: Continue working on stories. Handwriting; continue practicing problem letters
Thursday: Reading: vocabulary and comprehension practice. English; Finish story and begin illustrating, share stories with class. Spelling; partner practice with wipe-off boards. Handwriting; Write memory verse.
Friday: Reading: vocabulary test. English; Illustrate story. Spelling; Final test. Handwriting; border sheet.
Monday; What is an Arthropod? Go through the major types of arthropods. Classify Crawdads
Tuesday:Crawdad Lab
Wednesday: Finish lab
Thursday: Finsh Arthropod unit
Friday: Color Crawdads
Social Studies
Tuesday: Continent Review
Thursday: Unite States Map--review the differences between a continent, a country, a state, and a city