Assignments - 4th Grade


August 14-18

Monday: Addition and Subtraction Around the World
Tuesday: Place Value Pre-test; Lesson 1.1--use blocks to show place value relationships
Wednesday: Lesson 1.2--reading and writing numbers--teach tha secret of the comma
Thursday; Lesson 1.3--compare and order numbers
Friday: Lesson 1.4--rounding numbers
Language Arts
Monday: Reading; Teach how to make vocabulary cards and how to use them. English; Begin work on first story by filling out "Getting to Know Me".
Spelling; Pre-test for Lesson 1. Handwriting; alphabet and numbers.
Tuesday; Reading; Do vocabulary sentences as a class. English; Write rough draft of story. Sppelling; Practice worksheet for lesson 1. Handwriting; problem letters.
Wednesday; Reading; read "Claws" as a class, complete questions. Spelling; Dictation. English: Continue working on stories. Handwriting; continue practicing problem letters
Thursday: Reading: vocabulary and comprehension practice. English; Finish story and begin illustrating, share stories with class. Spelling; partner practice with wipe-off boards. Handwriting; Write memory verse.
Friday: Reading: vocabulary test. English; Illustrate story. Spelling; Final test. Handwriting; border sheet.
Monday; What is an Arthropod? Go through the major types of arthropods. Classify Crawdads
Tuesday:Crawdad Lab
Wednesday: Finish lab
Thursday: Finsh Arthropod unit
Friday: Color Crawdads
Social Studies
Tuesday: Continent Review
Thursday: Unite States Map--review the differences between a continent, a country, a state, and a city