Assignments - 4th Grade

May 15 - 19
Monday: Test for Chapter 12
Tuesday: Chapter 13, Lessons 13.1-3
Wednesday: lissons 13.4-5
Thursday: Chapter 13 review and test
Language Arts
Monday:Reading-Wanted Poster, Family, Road Agents; English pg. 257 #69-89
Tuesday: Colorful Speech, Create a Town; English pg.257, 258 # 90-110
Wednesday: Story, How a Town Got It's Name; English pg.258 #111-130
Thursday: finish stories--write on computer
Friday: Finish stories
Monday: Lesson 59--Jesus's Call
Tuesday: Bible packet
Wednesday: Lesson 60--God's call for each of us
Thursday: Bible packet
Social Studies
Monday: Capitals West to East/ US States and Capitals Map
Tuesday: Finish Capitals West to East
Wednesday: CA Weekly 32--Read as class
Thursday: Finish CA Weekly and map
Monday: Grass Families
Tuesday: Composit Families
Wednesday: Finish Plant Book
Thursday: Finish Plant Book

May 8 - 12
Because of the program Thursday night and the rehersals for it, our schedule will be pretty flexible this week. There are no vocabulary words. We will have our spelling and Memory verse test on Thursday so the students will not have to study Thursday night.
We will finish chapter 12 in math.
Language Arts
We will finish the literature unit for By the Great Horn Spoon.
Social Studies
California Weeklies
Monocot Families/ work on flower collection
Monday: Lesso 57--healing the demoniac--Jesus knows us and loves us. He has a purpose for our lives
Tuesday: Lesson 58--parable of the wedding feast
Wednesday: Bible packet
Thursday: Bible packet
May 1 to 5
Monday: Lesson 11.4 and 11.5--measuring angles
Tuesday: Lesson 11 Review and Test
Wednesday: Lesson 12 ( 1 to 4)--customary units of measure
Thursday: Lesson 12 (6 to 7)--metric units of measure
Friday: Lesson 12.5--Line Plots
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 17-19; Finish quiz for chapters 11 to 15; Spelling PT 31; Handwriting Lesson 31--day 1; Correct English test
Tuesday: Read Chapter 16 and begin quiz; Spelling practice worksheet; Handwriting day 2; English review for Chapter 1--pg. 255 # 1-13
Wednesday: Read Ch. 17--quiz; Spelling dictation; Handwriting day 3; English review for Chapter 2--pg. 255 #14 to 30
Thrusday: Read Ch, 18--quiz; Spelling practice; Handwriting day 4; English review Chapter 3--pg. 255# 31 to 51
Friday: Tests; Work on "Diseases of the Time"; Gold Rush Prices is due; Finish Handwriting
Monday: Lesson 53--Here I Am, Send Me
Tuesday: Bible packet for Lesson 52 and 53
Wednesday: Lesson 54--Balaam and His Donkey
Thursday: Lesson 55--Zacchaeu
Friday: Memory verse Test; Chapel
We are continuing our study of plants this week. We will be learning about the Geranium and Rose Families. We will also learn about the main monocot families. Please continue looking for wildflowers.
Social Studies
This week we will be learning about the Transcontental Railroad.
April 24 - 28
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 12 to 15, Sentences; Spelling PT 30; Handwriting Lesson 30, day1
Tuesday: Read Chapter 12 and begin quiz; Spelling practicce worksheet; Handwritng day 2; English pg. 242, 243--negatives
Wednesday: Read Chapter 13; Spelling Dictation; Handwriting day 3; English pg.250, 251--Unit 7 test
Thursday; Read Chapter 14; Spelling partner practice; Handwritng day 4; English--correct test, Review pg. 255 -258
Friday: Tests; Finish Chapter 12 to 15; Finish Handwriting lesson 30
Monday: Lesson 10.4 and Mid-chapter checkpoint
Tuesday: Lesson 10.5 to 10.7--symmetry
Wednesday: Chapter Review and test
Thursday:Lesson 11.1 to 11.3 Angles
Friday: Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Monday: Lesson 50--the Exodus--packet
Tuesday: Lesson 51--Jericho--Finish packet
Wednesday: Lesson 52--Gideon
Thursday: Lesson 53--Here I am. Send Me
Friday: AJY
This week we will be learning about the mustard, rose, and geranium families and beginning our flower collection
Social Studies
This week we will be learning about the California's part in the Civil War and the Transcontenental Railroad.
April 18 -21
Language Arts
Tuesday: Digital Citizenship Activities; Vocabulary for Chapters 8 -11(make cards and do sentences); Spelling PT 29; Handwriting Lesson 29--day 1: English Pg.238, 239--comparing with adverbs
Wednesday: Read Chapter 8 and 9--questions; Spelling Practice; Handwriting day 2; English pg 240, 241--using good and well
Thursday: Read Chapter 10 and 11--complete quiz; Spelling Dictation; Handwritind Day 3 and 4; English pg.242, 243--negatives
Friday: Tests, Finish Handwriting
Tuesday: Adding tenths and hundreths Lesson 9.6, 9.7
Wednesday: Chapter 9 Review and test
Thursday: Lessons 10.1 to 10.3--Geometry (Lines and angles)
Friday: IXL--Fitness Day
Tuesday: Digital Citizenship--what does it have to do with Jesus?
Wednesday: Lesson 48--the faith of Abraham
Thursday: Bible packet
Friday: Chapel; finish packet
Tuesday: Flower Structure
Wednesday: Parts of a Flower
Thursday: Pea and Mustard Flower families
Social Studies
This week we will continue our study of the gold rush. Studnets will need to complete CA Weekly #24 and 25

April 10 -14
Monday: Lesson 9.1, 9.2, 9.3--turning fractions into decimals
Tuesday: Lesson 9.4 and 9.5--relate decimals to money
Wednesday: Lesson 9.6 and 9.7--adding decimals
Thursday: Chapter review
Friday: Chapter 9 test
Language Arts
Monday: Chapter 4-6 Vocabulary and Sentences; Spelling PT 28; English pg. 234, 235--what is an adverb?; Handwriting Lesson 28--day 1
Tuesday: Read Chapter 5; Spelling Practice; English pg.238, 239--comparing with adverbs; Hadwriting day 2
Wednesday: Read Chapter 6 and complete Quiz; Spelling Dictation; English pg.240, 241--good and well; Handwriting day 3
Thursday: Read Chapter 7--finish quiz; Spelling partner practice; English pg. 242, 243--negatives; Spelling partner practice
Friday: Tests--Program Practice
This week we will be studying leaves and what they do for plants.
Social Studies
Monday: CA Weekly # 23
Tuesday: Finish CA Weekly
Wednesday: CA Weekly #24
Thursday: Finish CA Weekly
Monday: Read and discuss lesson 46--the centurian's servant
Tuesday: Activities for Lesson 46
Wednesday: Lesson 47--Attitude and Action--read and discuss
Thursday: Bible activities for lesson 47
April 3 -7
Tuesday: Correct Unit 7 test/ retest; Lesson 8.1 multiplication of fractions
Wedneday: Lesson 8.2 Multiples of fractiona
Thursday: Mid-Chapter Check
Friday: Lesson 8.3-multiplying fractions
Language Arts
Have students study the same vocabulary word as last week
Tuesday: Finish reading first 3 chapters and complete quiz; Vocabulary crossword;Spelling PT 27; English pg. 216, 217--contractions; Handwriting Lesson 27--day 1
Wednesday: Ship terms; Spelling dictation; English pg. 218, 219--pronouns and homophones; Handwriting day 2
Thursday: Ship Terms and Map of sea routes; Spelling practice; English Test for Unit 6; Handwriting day 3 and 4
Friday: Vocabulary test; Spelling test; Finish Lady Wilma pictures
Tuesday; Activity packet for Lesson 44 and 45
Wednesday: Read and discuss Lesson 46
Thursday: Activity packet for lesson 46
Friday: Chapel; finish activity packet; Memory Verse test
Social Studies
Tuesday: Finish CA Weekly #21 and California Map
Wednesday: CA Weekly #22
Thursday: Finish CA Weekly; if students are finished with all other work, they may play the goldrush game
Tuesday: Plants without seeds
Wednesday: Monocots and dicots
Thursday: Finish monocots and dictots

March 27- 31
Monday: Lesson 7.8--subtracting fractions with renaming
Tuesday: Lesson 7.9--properties of addition using fractions
Wednesday: Lesson 7.10--word problems and ractions
Thursday: Chapter 7 Review
Friday: Chapter 7 test
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary and sentences Lesson 1 By the great Horn Spoon; Spelling Pre-test 26: English pg. 214, 215--possesive pronouns; Handwriting lesson 27--day 1
Tuesday: Read Chapter1 --By the Great Horn Spoon; Spelling practice; English pg. 216, 217 Contractions with pronouns; HW day 2
Wednesday: Read Chapter 2; Spelling Dictation; English pg. 218, 219--pronouns w. homophones; HW day 3
Thursday: Read Chapter 3--do quiz; Spelling partner practice; English Test pg. 222, 223; HW day 4
Friday; Finish Qiz and activities for Chapters 1 to 3; Draw picture of Lady Wilma for Art; vocabulary test; spelling test; finish HW 27
Monday: class meeting
Tuesday: Read and discuss lesson 46
Wednesday: Bible packet
Thursday: Lesson 47
Friday: MV test; finish packet
Social Studies
This week we will finish California maps and begin studying the California Gold Rush (CA Weekly #21)
This week we will begin our unit on plants.

March 13 -17
Monday: Lesson 7-6 turning mixed numbers into fractions; Lesson 7-7add and subtract mixed numbers
Tuesday: Lesson 7.9 subtraction with renaming
Wednesday: Lesson 7.10, 7.11--multistep problems
Thursday: Chapter 7 review
Friday: Chapter 7 test
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 11 and 12; Spelling Lesson 25 pre-test; Handwriting Lesson 26--day 1
Tuesday: Read Chapter 11 and start quiz; English pg. 204, 205--pronouns; Spelling practice; Handwriting --day 2
Wednesday: Read Chapter 12 and finish quiz; English pg. 206, 207; Spelling dictation; Handwriting--day 3
Thursday: Finish unit on Year of the Boar...; English pg. 208, 209; Spelling Worksheet; Handwriting--day 4
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling tests; Finish Literature Unit; Handwriting Border Sheet
Monday: Read and discuss Lesson 44 -- Communion; Finish packets
Tuesday: Communion activities
Wednesday: Read and discuss Lesson 45
Thursday: Bible packet
Friday: Memory Verse Test; Chapel
Social Studies
Monday: CA Weekly #20
Tuesday: finish CA Weekly
Wednesday: CA Maps
Thursday: Gold Rush video
Friday: Finish video
This week we will be doing a unit on how living things are organized (cells to ecosystems)

March 6 - 10
Monday--Field Trip

Tuesday: Lesson 7.1, 7.2--adding fractions
Wednesday: Lesson 7.3, 7.4--subtracting fractions
Thursday: Lesson 7.5 --Adding and subtracting
Friday: Mid-Chapter quiz
Language Arts
Tuesday: Chapter 9, 10 Vocabulary and sentences; Spelling Pre-test 24; Handwriting Lesson 24 Day 1 & 2
Wednesday: Read Chapter 9; English pg. 200 (practice quotations); Spelling practice; Handwritind Day 3 & 4
Thursday: Read Chapter 10 and complete quiz; English pg. 201 (practice quotations); Spelling Practice; Finish Handwriting
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling Test
Social Studies
Tuesday: California Weekly #19
Wednesday: Finish California Weekly
Thursday: California History Chapter 7--Becomming a state
Tuesday Fonish unit on Earth's crust
Wednesday: Begin Study of ecosystems--pg 82-86
Thursday: Pg. 87 - 91, do lesson review on pg. 91
Feb. 27 - Mar. 3
Monday: Lesson 6.7--compare fractions, practice equivalent fractions
Tuesday: Lesson 6.8--compare and order fractions using equivalent fractions
Wednesday: Chapter 6 review
Thursday: Chapter 6 test
Friday: Test corrections; IXL math
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 5, 6; complete sentences; Spelling Lesson 23 pre-test; English Test
Tuesday: Complete Chapter 5, 6 Quiz; Complete New Kid; Spelling pactice; English Corrections
Wednesday: Complete "The Ball Game" as a class; Spelling dictation
Thursday: Read Chapter 6 as a class
Friday: Read Chapter 7 as a class
Monday: Lesson 35--How are we the "salt of the earth"
Tuesday; Lesson 36--Love your enemies--how do we do this?
Wednesday; Lesson 37--The Battle belongs to God
Thursday: Bible Packet for Lessons 35- 37
Friday: Chapel, Finish packet
Social Studies
Monday: California under Mexican Rule
Tuesday: The coming of the First Americans
Wednesday: Gold is discovered!
Thursday: California Weekly #15
No science this week because of P/T conferences
Feb. 21 - 24
Tuesday: Mid-Chapter Check; IXL Math
Wednesday: Comparing fractions Lesson 6.6
Thursday: More comparing; Lesson 6.7
Friday: Compare and order fractions; Lesson 6.8
Language Arts
No new vocabulary word this week
Tuesday: Finish reading Chapters 3 -4 and complete quiz. Spelling Pre-test Chapter 22. Begin Handwriting Lesson 22--Day 1 and 2; English pg. 184, 185--quotations.
Wednesday: Finish Chapters 3-4; Begin reading Chapter Spelling Worksheet; Handwriting Day 3; English pg. 186, 187--Titles
Thursday: Word Riddles, Stranger in a Strange Land, At the Train Station; spelling Dictation; Handwriting Day 4; English Unit 5 Test pg. 189, 190
Friday: Spelling Test; Finish Handwriting Lesson; Correct English test
Social Studies
We will finish missions this week
No Science this week
Tuesday: Lesson 34--the last 6 commandments--loving our neighbors--read and discuss
Wednesday: Work packet on the commandments
Thursday: Lesson 35--The Sermon on the Mount--Read and discuss
Friday: AY Worship

Feb. 13 - 17
Monday: Lesson 6.3--Simplest form
Tuesday: Lesson 6.4--Common Denomenators
Wednesday: Lesson 6.5--Problem solving with equivalent fractions
Thurdsay; Chapter review
Friday: Chapter 6 test
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 3 - 4; Spelling Pre-test; Handwriting Lesson 21--day 1
Tuesday: Read Chapter 3; Spelling worksheet; Handwriting day 2
Wednesday: Read Chapter 4; Spelling Dictation; Handwriting day 3
Thursday: Quiz for Chapter 3 and 4; Spelling practice; Handwriting day 4
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling Test; Finish Handwriting Lesson 21
Social Studies
We will be building missions this week!
Science time this week will be given to social Studies
Monday: Lesson 31--the importance of searching the scriptures
Tueaday: Practice searching the scriptures
Wednesday: Lesson 32: We will beigin to study the 10 commandments--the first three--how to love God
Thursday: Lesson 33: The last 7--How to love man
Friday: Chapel
Feb. 6 - 10
Monday: Lesson Pre-assessment for fractions--correct as a class and discuss what fractions are.
Tuesday: Lesson 6.1--equivalent fractions using diagrams
Wednesday: Lesson 6.2 More equivalent fractions
Thursday: Lesson 6.3 Simplest form
Friday: Lesson 6.4--common denomenators
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 1 and 2 of In the Year of the Boar. Finish Biography work. Spelling Lesson 20--day 1. Spelling Lesson 20 pre-test.
English pg. 180, 181--using commas.
Tuesday: ...Year of the Boar Pre-reading activities. Spelling Lesson 20 practice. English pg. 182, 183--using quotation marks.
Wednesday: Read chapter 1 in ...Year of the Boar as a class. Selling Dictation. English pg. 184, 185--quotations.
Thursday: Read Chapter 2--complete Quiz. Spelling partner practice. English pg. 186, 187--Titles.
Friday: Vocabulary test, spelling test, English Unit 5 test.
Social Studies
Monday: This week we will be finihing our Mission reports. Finsih CA Weekly #11
Tuesday: Add pictures to Report and make corrections.  Make report covers. CA Weekly #12
Wednesday: Finish CA Weekly #12
Thursday: CA Weekly #13
Friday: Finish CA Weekly
Monday: Animal Adaptations--what are they?
Tuesday: What is an Ecosystem? Pg. 82-86
Wednesday: Populations and Communities pg 87- 91, Complete questions on pg. 91
Thursday: Activity packet for Ecosystems

Jan 30 - Feb. 3
Monday: Lesson 5.5--prime and composit numbers
Tuesday: Lesson 5.6--number patterns
Wednesday: Chapter 5 Review
Thursday: Chapter 5 Test
Friday: Lesson 6.1--equivalent fractions
Language Arts
There will be no new vocabulary words this week. We will be completing the unit on George Washington Carver. For English this week we will be working on our mission reports.
Monday: Finish George Washington Carber and begin reading biography for Black History Month. Spelling Pre-test 19. Begin Handwriting Lesson 18--day 1.
Tuesday: Finish GWC; Biography; Spelling worksheet; Handwriting Day 2
Wednesday: Finish GWC; Biography; Spelling Dictation; Handwriting Day 3
Thursday: Biography; Spelling Practice; Handwriting Day 4
Friday; Spelling Test; Finish Handwritin Lesson 18
Social Studies
We will be working on mission reports each day this week.

Jan. 23 - 27
Monday: Test corrections and review/ retest if necessary. Lesson 5.1--factors
Tuesday: Lesson 5.2--factors and divisibility
Wednesday: Lesson 5.3--Common factors
Thursday: Mid-Chapter Quiz
Friday: Lesson 5.4--factors and multiples
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 13 - 18, Finish reading Chapters 9-12 and complete quiz. Spelling pre-test for lesson 18. Handwriting lesson 18--day 1
Tuesday: Vocabulary sentences and read chapter 13, 14. English pg. 170, 171--proper nouns. Spelling pracice worksheet. Handwriting Day 2.
Wednesday: Read Chapters 15, 16. English pg. 172, 173--more proper nouns. Spelling Dictation. Handwriting Day 3.
Thursday: Read Chapters 17, 18--Complete quiz. English pg. 174, 175--abbreviations. Spelling partner practice. Handwriting Day 4
Friday: Vocabulary Test, Spelling Test, Finish handwriting lesson 18.
Social Studies
Monday: finish California Weekly #10; begin work on Geography packet #4--economic features
Tuesday: Geography Packet
Wednesday: California Weekly #11
Thursday: Assign California Missions and begin research
Friday: Writee first paragraph of mission report and type it on the computer. Make title page with picture.
Monday: Continue studies of animal adaptaions. Read page 73-77, complete questions on page 77
Tuesday: The Beaks Have it--Discover beak adaptations.
Wednesday: What is ecology? Pg. 81-82--Balancing Act pg. 83
Thursday: Read pg. 84-88 Observe, How do animals keep nature in balance? How can man help? How can man hurt?
Jan. 17 - 20
Tuesday:Lesson 4.10--dividing larger numbers
Wednesday: Lesson 4.11--Even larger numbers
Thursday: Lesson 4.12--word problems
Friday: Unit 4 test
Language Arts
Tuesday: Vocabulary for chapters 7- 12--make cards and use words in sentences. Finish chapter 1 - 6 quiz. Work on Venn Diagram. English Unit 4 test. Spelling pre-test for lesson 17. Handwriting Lesson 17--Day 1
Wednesday: Read Chapters 7, 8, 9. Use Venn Diagram to write a compare and contrast paragraph. Spelling Practice. Handwriting Day 2
Thursday: Read chapters 10, 11, 12--finish quiz. Spelling dictation, Handwriting day 3, 4 English pg. 166, 167--writing correct sentences
Friday: Vocabulary and spelling test. English pg. 170, 171--writing names correctly.
Social Studies
This week we will be painting and labeling our California relief maps on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Thursday: CA Weekly 9--European Exploreres reach California
Tuesday: Finsh reading about animal adaptation (pg. 73-77--Discuss how an9imals know what they are supposed to do--Lesson review pg. 77
Wednesday: Exploration Lab--What kinds of beaks?
Thursday; Ecology--begin Lesson one
Jan. 9- 13
Monday: Lesson 4.7--division
Tuesday: Lesson 4.8--division with partial products
Wednesday: Lesson 4.9--division with regrouping
Thursday:Lesson 4.10--dividing larger numbers
Friday: Lesson 4.11--dividing larger numbers
Language Arts
This week we are beginning a unit on George Washington Carver and will begin reading his biography.
Monday: Vocabulary and sentences for chapter 1-6. Spelling lesson 16 pretest. English pg. 142, 143--using adjective to make comparisons. Begin Handwriting lesson 16--day 1.
Tuesday: Read chapters 1 to 3 in GWC. Spelling practice worksheet. English pg.144, 145--comparing using more and most. Handwriting day 2.
Wednesday: Read chapters 4 to 6 and complete quiz. Spelling dictation. English pg. 146, 147--using forms of good and bad. Handwriting day 3.
Thursday: Writing assignment using Venn diagram--compare school for GWC and school for chidren today, Begin reading biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Spelling Partner practice. English Unit 4 test. Handwriting day 4.
Friday: Continue reading MLK biography. Vocabulary test. Spelling Test. Finish Handwriting.
Social Studies
Monday: Finish Californis Geography Packet # 1 and begin work on the next lesson. Get map boards ready for making relief maps.
Tuesday- Friday: Finish Geograpy Unit and make Californis relief map
Monday: Life science--animal adaptations Read and discuss pg. 68-72 as a class. Discuss what adaptations are.
Tuesday: Science discovery--adaptations of beaks
Wednesday: Behaviors that are instincts/behaviors that are learned pg 73-77 questions on pg. 77
Thursday: pg. 78, 79--Chooses a career with animals.
Monday: Class meeting/ Finish packet for lesson 24
Tuesday: Lesson 25--The Good Samaritan--read and discuss
Wednesday: Activity packet for the Good Samaritan
Thursday: Lesson 26--the importance of forviveness.
Jan. 4-6
Wednesday: Division review/Math Steps pg. 79, 80
Thursday: Division review/ Math Steps pg. 81, 82
Friday: Division Review/ Math Steps pg. 83, 84
Language Arts
Please have students study vocabulary and spelling words from the week before Christmas vacation. We did not take those tests, so we will do them on Friday.
Wednesday: Read The Tiger and the Paper Bag and complete the questions. English pg. 136, 137--Adjectives. Spelling partner practice.
Thursday: Worksheets for Tiger and the Paper Bag. English pg.140--Adjectives after be... Pg. 141--a, a,. the. Spelling Dictation.
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling Test

Dec. 12 - 16
Monday: Mid-Chapter 4 Test
Tuesday: Lesson 4.7--Division
Wednesday: Lesson 4.8--Division
Thursday: Lesson 4.9--Division
Friday: Skating
Language Arts
Tests will be on Thursday this Week!
Monday: Christmas Vocabulary, spelling lesson 15 pre-test, handwriting lesson 15, day 1.
Tuesday: Read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Spelling Practice, Handwriting day 2
Wdnesday: Read The Best Christmas..., Spelling Dictation, Handwriting day 3 and 4
Thursday: Finish reading; Vocabulary Test, Spelling Test, Finish Handwriting
Dec. 5 - 9
Monday: Lesson 4.4--Dividing 10's, 100's, 1000's
Tuesday:: Lesson 4-5--Estimating
Wednesday: Lesson 4-6--Using distributative property
Thursday:Mid-Chaoter Test
Friday: Lesson 4.7--Division
Language Arts
Monday: Today we will be completing work missed last week because of rehearsals. We will be having our spelling and Vocabulary tests and reading the Story"Ellen", spelling pre-test for lesson 14; English pg. 116, 117--contractions with not", Handwriting Lesson 14, day 1
Tuesday: Vocabulary for "Madeleine Takes Charge" and write sentences; Spelling practice; English test for Unit 3; Handwriting Day 2
Wednesday: Read the Story " Madeleine Takes Charge" and do questions; Spelling Dicttion; English pg. 136, 137--adjectives; Handwriting day 3
Thursday: Comprehension and vocabulary practice for "Madeleine..."; Spelling Practice; English pg. 140, 141--articles
Friday: Vocabulary and spelling tests
Monday: Lesson 22--Building our Lives on the Rock
Tuesday: Activities to go with the Lesson
Wednesday: Lesson 23--The Good Shepherd--Jesus is our shepherd
Thurday: Bible activiteis
Friday: Memory Verse Test
Social Studies
We will be finishing our Indian Reports this week

Nov. 28 - Dec. 1
Monday: Make multiple charts and use them to estimate division. Lesson 4.1
Tuesday: Division with remainders Lesson 4.2
Wednesday: Interpreting the remainder, Lesson 4.3
Thursday: Division using basic facts, Lesson 4.4
Friday: IXL math
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Ellen and use words in sentences; Spelling pre-test for lesson 13; Begin handwriting lesson 13
Tuesday: Read the story Ellen and complete comprehension questions; spelling word sort; English pg. 111, 112 (irregular verbs)
Wedesday: Complete worksheet activities that go with Ellen; spelling dictation; English pg. 114, 115 (verbs of being); Spelling partner practice
Thursday: California Weekly#7; Spelling partner pracice; English pg. 116, 117--contractions
Friday: Vocabulary and spelling test
Finish Whales
Social Studies
This week students will be researching a California Indian group and doing a report on that group.
Nov. 14 - 18
We will continue to practice double digit multiplication this week.
Monday: Practice worksheet
Tuesday: Practice worksheet
Wednesday: Field Trip
Thursday: Unit 3 test--We will take it this week!
Friday: Test corrections and IXL math
Language Arts
There will be no new vocabulary words this week. We will be doing a review lesson for spelling.
Monday: Finish reading Twenty and Ten and finish quiz. English pg. 106, 107--spelling present tense verbs; Handwriting Lesson 11--day 1
Tuesday: Finish all activities that go with Twenty and Ten; English pg. 103, 104--past tense verbs; Handwriting--Day 2 and 3
Wednesday: Field Trip
Thursday: Finish unit on Twenty and Ten; English pg. 110, 111--past tense with helping verbs; Handwriting--Day 4 and Border
Friday: Spelling Test
This week we will be making papermache whales
Social Studies
California Indian Reports.
California Weekly #6
We have just finished our study of the fruits of the Spirit. This week we will be learning about people from the Buble who are examples of those who live by those fruits.
Monday: Nicodemus and the rich young ruler
Tuesday: King David--The Optimist
Wednesday: Field Trip
Thursday: Bible activities to go with this week's lesson
Friday: Finish Bible activities; Worship with Third Grade

Nov. 7 - 11
We did not take the test for unit 3 last week because I felt that the students needed more practice on double digit multiplication. We will continue to practice this week. I would be very helpful if you would have your child practice these skills on IXL math at home (D10).
Monday: Practice 3.6
Tuesday: lesson 3.6--word problems
Wednesday: Unit 3 review
Thursday: Unit 3 Test
Friday: Test corrections, practice, and retest
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary and Sentences; Spelling Pre-test Lesson 11; Handwriting Lesson 11, Day 1
Tuesday: Finish reading Twenty and Ten; Spelling practice worksheet; Handwiting Day 2
Wednesday: Finish unit on Twenty and Ten; Spelling Dictation; Handwriting Day 3
Thursday: Finish Twenty and Ten; Spelling partner practice; Handwriting Day 4
Friday: Veteran's Day Program
Finish Ocean unit and begin making papermache whales.
Social Studies
Indian research and California Weekly #6
Nov. 1 - 4
Tuesday: Lesson 3.6--practice double digit multiplication
Wednesday: Practice 3.6--more double digit multiplication
Thursday: Practice 3.7 and Lesson 3.7--word problems using multiplication
Friday: Unit 3 test and IXL math
Language Arts
Tuesday: Vocabulary for Chapters 3 and 4/ sentences; English pg. 100, 101--verb tenses; Spelling pre-test
Wednesday: Read Chapter 3--do quiz and reading record; English pg. 104, 105; Spelling worksheet
Thursday: Read Chapter 4--do quiz and reading record; English pg,106, 107; Spelling dictation
Friday: Vocabulary Quiz, Spelling Test
Social Studies
Begin Indian research and make Indian book
Finish whale research and begin working on Papermache whales

October 24-28
Monday: Lesson 3.4--Double digit ultiplication with regrouping
Tuesday: Practice 3.4--Practice multiplication with regrouping
Wednesday: Mid-Chapter Quiz
Thursday: Lesson 3.5--multiplying with three digits on top
Friday: Practice 3.5--multiplying with three digits on top
Language Arts
Because of parent teacher conferences this week, we will not be having a new spelling lesson this week. There will be vocabulary words to study. We are starting a new reading unit on the book Twenty and Ten.
Monday: Vocabulary--make cards and write sentences
Tuesday: Read chapter one and do quiz
Wednesday: Read chapter 2 and do quiz
Thursday: Reaearch France during WWII
Friday: Vocab. test, Finishe research
We will continue to research the Cetaceans.
Monday: Encyclopedia research as a class
Tuesday: Blue Whales
Wednesday: Killer Whales
Thursday:Humpback whales
Social Studies
Because of minimum days this week we will simply finish our Indian maps this week.

October 17-21
We will begin to learn how to multipy two digit numbers by two digit numbers this week!
Monday: Lesson 3.1--multiplying by tens
Tuesday: Lesson 3.2--multiplying using a diagram
Wednesday: Lesson 3.3--multiply using partial products
Thursdau: Lesson 3.4--more multiplying using partial products
Friday: Mid-Chapter Checkpoint (test)
Language Arts
We will be spending most of this week wrapping up our unit on The Cabin Faced West. There will be no vocabulary words this week. Students do have a Book Report due on Friday. Pleas make sure they are working on this. It will be very difficult if they wait until Thurday night to start working on this. Have them get it done early and then they will have time to revise if they need to. We will have spelling as usual.
Monday: English pg. 96, 97--action verbs; Spelling PT 9
Tuesday: English pg . 98, 99--main verbs and helping verbs; Speling Word Sort
Wednesday: English pg. 100, 101--verb tenses; Spelling dictation
Thursday:English pg. 104, 105--Subject-verb agreement; Spelling partner practice
Friday: Spelling test
This week we will be studing Cetaceans.
Social Studies
Monday: California Indian Maps
Tuesday-Friday: Research activities on California Indian groups
Oct. 10 - 14
Monday: Lesson 2.10--multiplying two digits with regrouping
Tuesday: Lesson 2.11--multiplying 3 and 4 digits
Wednesday: Lesson 2.12--solving multistep problems
Thursday: Chapter 2 review
Friday: Chapter 2 test
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 7 and 8; sentences using vocabulary words. Spelling pre-test 8. Handwriting Lesson 8--Day 1
Tuesday: Read Chapter 7 in The Cabin Faced West and complete quiz; spelling word sort; handwriting day 2; English pg. 74, 75
Wednesday: Read Chapter 8 and do quiz; spelling dictation; handwriting day 3; English pg. 76, 77 (possessive nouns)
Thursday: Chapter 5- 8 review, character map and paragraph; spelling practice; handwriting day 4: English pg. 78,79 (plural possessives)
Friday: Vocabulary test; Spelling Test: English Unit 2 review: Finish Handwriting Lesson 8
Finish Shark charts and begin learning about cetaceans.
Social Studies
This week we will begin learning about the first Californians. Students will complete California Weekly #5 and make a map of the Indian Groups of California.

Oct. 3 - 7
Monday: Lesson 2.7--multply using partial products
Tuesday: Mid-Chapter Quiz
Wednesday: Lesson 2.8; using mental math
Thursday: Lesson 2.9; multistep word problems
Friday: Lesson 2.10: more multiplication
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for Chapters 5 & 6 , sentences; Spelling pre-test: Handwriting--finish lesson 6, day 1 of lesson 7
Tuesday: Read Chapter 5 and do quiz; English pg. 66, 67--common and proper nouns; Spelling word sort
Wednesday: Read chapter 6 and do quiz; English pg 70, 71--singular and plural nouns: Spelling dictation
Thursday: Activity sheets for Chapters 2 to 6; English pg. 72, 73--nouns ending with y; Spelling practice
Friday: Vocabulary Test and spelling test
Monday: Class meeting
Tuesday: Read and discuss lesson 7--first three fruits of the spirit
Wednesday: Bible packet
Thursday: Read and discuss Lesson 8--continue learning about the fruits of the spirit
Friday: Memory Verse test
We will be continuing our study of Chondrithyes. Students will be making a chart to compare the sizes of sharks.
Social Studies
California geograpy review
Sept. 27-30
Tuesday: Lesson 2.4--estimating using multiplication
Wednesday: Lesson 2.5--using distributative property for multiplication
Thursday: Lesson 2.6--using expanded form
Friday: Lesson 2.7: multiplication
Language arts
Tuesday: Vocabulary for Chapters 3 & 4--have student study words each night
Wednesday: Read chapter 3 and do quiz
Thursday: Read chapter 4 and do quiz
Friday: Finish chapter 3 and 4 activities
We will be studying the fruits of the spirit this week. There will be an activity packet for students to complete
We will begin our study of Chondrichthyes! Ask you child what group of animals this is!
Social studies
CA Weekly #4--we are continueing our study of California geography
Sept. 19-23

Monday: Lesson 2.1--multiplication comparisons
Tuesday: Lesson 2.2--comparison problems
Wednesday: Lesson 2.3--multiplying 10's, 100's, 1000's
Thursday: Lesson 2.4--estimating with multiplication
Friday: Lesson2.5--using distributative property
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary for chapters 1 & 2 of The Cabin Faced West: English pgg. 46, 47--Correcting Run on Sentences; Spelling pre-test
Tuesday: Finish vocabulary sentences and begin reading chapter 1 and 2: English Unit 1 Test: spelling word sort
Wednesday: Quiz for Chapter 1 and 2; English corrections and extra practice: Spelling dictation
Thursday: Story Setting and comprehension activities; English pg. 64, 65--nouns; Partner practice in Spelling
Friday: Vocabulary and Selling Test; finish literature activities
This week we will continue our study of Cnidarians and do research on the three major types.
Social Studies
California Weekly #3 will continue our study of California Geography
Monday: Class meeting and finish work packet from last week
Tuesday: Read and discuss lesson 5
Wednesday: Work packet
Thursday: Read and discuss Lesson 6/work packet
Friday: Memory Verse Test
Sept. 12-16

Because of ITBS testing this week we will only be doing some practice work in math this week.
Language arts
This week we will be finishing reading Where the Waves Break and completing the unit work. There will be no new vocabulary words or spelling this week because of ITBS testing. The only thing your child needs to do in the evening is read.  Have a good week!
We will be continuing our study of Echinoderms and beginning our study of Cnidarians. Make sure you ask you child to tell you about these interesting animals.
Social Studies
There will be no new Social studies this week because of ITBS testing
Sept. 6-9

Tuesday: Estimating with subtraction, Extra practice on adding and subtracting
Wednesday: Lesson 1.8--word problems using addition and subtraction
Thursday: Practice/review for unit one test
Friday: Unit 1 test
Language Arts
Monday: Vocabulary and vocabulary sentences for pages 30-44 in Where the Waves Break
Tuesday: Finish reading Where the Waves Break, quiz
              English pg. 36-37--statements and questions
Wednesday: Finish unit work for Where the Waves Break, English pg. 38-39--commands and exclamations
Thursday: Finish Unit, English pg. 40-41--subjects and predicates
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling test
This week we will be studying Echinoderms--make sure to ask you child what makes an animal an echinoderm!
Social Studies
California Weekly #2

August 29-Sept. 2

Monday: Lesson 1.5 we will do as a class. Lesson 1.6--addition of whole numbers.
Tuesday: Lesson 1.7--subtraction of whole numbers
Wednesday: Practice addition and subtraction skills
Thursday: Unit 1 test
Friday: test corrections and retest, if necessary. IXL math
Language Arts
Monday: Make this week's vocabulary cards, write last paragraph of autobiography, spelling pre-test
Tuesday: Write vocabulary sentences. English pg. 32, 33--sentences. Spelling practice.
Wednesday: Read Pages 14-29 in Where the Waves Break and begin quiz. English pg. 36-37--Statements and Questions. Spelling Dictation.
Thursday: Finish Reading 14-29 and complete quiz, Tides worksheet and map. English pg. 38-39--Commands and Exclamations. Spelling partner practice.
Friday: Vocabulary and Spelling Test.  Finish Stories in Computer room.
This week we will be doing our third Bible lesson and learnign how God uses poetry.
This week we will be concluding our study of mollusks by taking a look at Cephalopods (Squid and octopi). Make sure you ask your child for details on Tuesday and Thursday! :)

Monday: Lesson 1.3--comparing and ordering numbers
Tuesday: lesson 1.4--rounding numbers
Wednesday:Practice 1.4--more rounding off
Thursday: Mid-Cjapter Checkpoint (quiz)
Friday: Make correct Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, IXL math on computers
Language Arts
Monday: Make vocabulary Cards. Write third paragraph of autobiography, Spelling pre-test
Tuesday: Use vocabulary words in sentences. Write last paragraph of autobiography
Wednesday: Read pages 5 - 13 in Where the Waaves Break and work on quiz. Begin typing auto biography on computer. Dictation sentences in spelling.
Thursday: Finish reading pages 5 - 13 and complete quiz. Work on autobiography.
Friday: Vocabulary Test, Spelling Test
Science: We are beginning our study of the mollusk family. We will be having a lab on pelecypods and gastropods. Ask your children for details on Tuesday (pelecypods) and Thursday (gastropods).
Social Studies: We are continuing our lesson on US Maps and Geography
Bible: We will be working on our second Bible lesson which centers on the stories in the Bible. We will have a packet of work helping the students learn how to find things in the Bible

Aug. 15-19

Monday-informal assessment
Tuesday: Lesson 1--placevalue
Tuesday: Lesson 2--writing numbers
Wednesday: Lesson 3--comparing and ordering numbers
Thursday: Lesson 1.4--rounding numbers
Friday: Extra practice in rounding

Language Arts
Monday: "Getting to Know Me" outline, Make vocabulary cards, Spellling pre-test
Tuesday: Use outline to begin writing autobiography. Use vocabulary words in sentences. Spelling practice in cursive.
Wednesday: Continue working on autobiographies. Read the story "Claws" and answer comprehension questions. Spelling dictaion sentences.
Thursday: Continue working on autobiographies and begin making a poster to go along with it. Complete vocabulary and comprehension worksheets. Make a spelling cross using spelling words.
Friday: finish autobiographies and posters. Vocabulary test. Spelling Test

Monday: class rules and first class meeting. Go over memory verse
Tuesday: Lesson 1, activity #2,3
Wednesday: Activity #4,5
Thursday: Weeks reflections based on Phillipians 4:8
Friday: MV test/chapel


This week we will be learning about the scientific method and doing a lab on crayfish.