Tuition Payment


We now have Adventist School Pay available as a payment option (Tuition and Registration only) via electronic check from your bank account.
Click here to pay now ►$.
Click on the link that says “First-time users click here to register.
Sign Up for Your New Account.
Email address:
Retype Email address:
Then you will need to check your email to click on a link to activate your account.  Once you click on the link it will prompt you to:
Enter a new password:
Confirm new password:
Password requirements:
  • Use at least 7 characters
  • Use at least one special character (*&^%$#@!)
Then click “Create Password and Activate Account”
It will direct you to login with your new information.
Once logged in.
You will click “Add New/Student”
Add your child’s name and account number (optional: top right hand corner of your statement)
Then you will click “Specify Amount”
Where you can pay your balance on your statement & registration fee.
You will click on “Pay with Electronic Check/ACH” and enter your payment details.  Submit payment and email proof of payment to bizoffice@lodisdaelem.org.

Online Payment Through Adventist School Pay.