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 15 August 2016.

I was not prepared for how much we had to fit into one day! I think we have a good handle on what rules we need as a base for future classes. We will try to minimize distractions, be kind, be respectful of others, and communicate effectively. We still need a little work on our start of day procedures and end of day procedures. I had a few assignments left in my classroom and more than a few personal items. Finally, I had a couple students not remembering at the end of the day the different assignments they had to complete by tomorrow. So I will try to have the Assignment page on the television screen during our clean up phase.

I hope and pray for a great rest of the week!

Mr. Sarsoza

12 August 2016.

Greetings! I hope you had a wonderful summer break and for those of you who did not; it is over and you are back! This week we are thinking about our goals for school and how they fit within our goals for life. We are also learning how to make the most of our opportunities here and how guidelines and procedures help facilitate that. Lastly, we are learning how we will communicate and connect as a community of learners through technology, in real life, on and off campus.