2nd Grade

This is going to be a great year at Lodi SDA Elementary School!

Apple Hill is our first field trip. Then we will be using apples that we purchased to make applesauce. The ladies in the office say that it smells so good to them when the aroma of apples and cinnamon invade their office. We are off to a great start!!!

Second grade is all about exploring, seeing the bigger picture, learning, mutual respect and sharing. Come join us as we grow and do it in such a fun way! Highlights in Second Grade:

Bats - are really fascinating. The way they sleep and the way they hunt. We can go to the zoo and see some bats.

Astronomy - do you know what a planet is and what it does? We do!! We learn about the solar system and how it works. Exciting things happen when you learn about the whole universe!

Apple Hill - As a culmination to our unit all about Johnny Appleseed one of our best field trips is when we spend the day at Apple Hill. We learn about seeds and fruit trees and how they grow. We eat lunch there and we can buy special treats like fresh pies and candied apples. Our teacher brings home boxes of apples and the next day we make applesauce. It smells good and then we get to eat it!

Book Fair - the school book fair is really important to us now. We can read chapter books and get into the series books. The wonder of reading and the worlds we can visit.

Study Buddies - this is our last year with study buddies. When we get in 6th - 8th grade we will be the study buddies to K-2 grades. Our buddies are the best. We sing with them, read with them, made crafts with them and worked with them on Fitness Day. Seeing a study buddy on campus is fun!

Thanksgiving Feast - Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. Our family comes to school and enjoy eating at the tables we decorated ourselves with centerpieces, place mats, and name tags. While you enjoy pumpkin pie the 2nd graders put on a show- what fun!!

Hilmar Cheese Factory - a visit to a factory helps us understand how cheese is made!

WOW Museum - what can we say - WOW!