4th Grade

4th grade is a blast!  We learn so much this year especially about the sciences and math.  Mrs. Phelps introduces us to wild flowers, sharks, squid and all other manners of creepy crawlers.  Another big project in 4th grade is our mission project.  Mom and Dad help us cut the missions out and we assemble and decorate it at school. The main part of this project is our report.  We take some great field trips and read fantastic books.  Mrs. Phelps is a great reader.  We LOVE story time!

Ocean Unit - we learn about life in the ocean and find it amazing. Mr. Dan Wyrick comes to our class and he dissects a shark to teach us about it's body and how it works. Later we dissect squid and other small sea life.
Paper mache sharks take a bit of our time but they are so awesome when they are done.

California Missions - we learn about California Missions in 4th grade. Mrs. Phelps gives parents directions on how to cut out our missions and then we do them in class. It gets a little messy but when we display them along with our mission reports they look really good.

Indian Grinding Rock - this is a perfect place to go to see how native americans lived. California history is really interesting.

Music - by now most of us can read music and Mrs. Trenchuck gets us started on the recorder. We are now considering what instruments we would like to play in beginner band next year. We took a field trip to see the Stockton Symphony.

Lego Club - when Pastor Tyler Kraft comes to school toting his Legos we are excited. During lunch we all to get together and share in the fun of building and creating different things with our Legos.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - as part of our ocean unit we visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is an overnight trip!

San Juan Bautista- on the way to Monterey, we ill visit Mission San Juan Bautista. This will be a great start to our studies of the California Missions.

Columbia State Park - this is another California History field trip. We learn about gold mining and the 49ers.

There will be no tests this week because of ITBS testing. The only homework this week is nightly reading.