5th Grade

Vienna Convalescent - every month we go to Vienna to share with the residents.  Sometimes we play games and sometimes we have a program for them.  We have had crazy hat day where we wear a crazy hat and they do too.  It really helps us to learn compassion and appreciation for others.

Sports - Mr. Nevis likes sports and teaches us different sports and the rules to play them.  At the end of the year we went to a Stockton Ports game.  PE is very structured now.  It is good though because we learn how to run longer distances and we practice for Fitness Day.

Beginner Band - time to learn the instrument we have chosen with the help of Mrs. Trenchuck.  Learning the discipline of practice and taking care of an instrument is new to many of us.  At the end of the year we will have a performance and you will be surprised how much improvement we have gained over the year. We will also go to see a performance by the Stockton Symphony.

Choir - we are also members of the 5th and 6th grade choir.  We have several performances throughout the year.

Lego Club - some fun with Pastor Tyler Kraft.  We can bring our legos and have a great time building and creating with our legos while we have fellowship with each other and Pastor Tyler.

Imax - we usually go to the Imax theater - there is always something that goes with one of our units.

Science Fair - this is the first year that we participate in the science fair.  Mr. Brown helps us pick our project and then helps us with our reports and presentations.  

Columbia State Park -  as part of our social studies we take a trip to Columbia State Park.  This year we study other states and we each have a state that we do a report on.  Birds, plants, economies, resources, etc. There is and endless amount of information we can put in our reports.